Programs & Services

Access and Referrals- Social Services and Community Resources
CASPS collaborates with various health, human and social service agencies in the community. In order to provide the most effective support, CASPS refers requests that cannot be addressed directly by its staff, to the most appropriate agency within its network.

Advocacy and Conflict Management- Parents, Teachers, Students
In accordance with its mission, one of CASPS’ main functions is to serve as liaison between groups or individuals within school communities. We emphasize improved communication, the social and academic well being of our youth, and the elucidation of productive next steps.

Annual Art Contest- High School Students
Each year, CASPS organizes and hosts an art contest for high school students in both GUSD and LAUSD ESC North. Students compete based on technical skills and merit, adherence to theme, and creativity. Professional artists in the community are invited to judge the entries. All students receive recognition and monetary awards at an annual reception attended by their families, art teachers, community leaders, and district administrators and officials.

Throughout the years, students have had the opportunity to artistically express their thoughts and innermost feelings on a variety of themes such as, “dual Armenian-American identity,” “Across Generations: Honoring our Ancestors,” “Your Role Model or Inspiration,” “20th Anniversary of Armenia’s Independence,” “Your Favorite Movie,” “Your Favorite Childhood Memory,” and “100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.”

Annual Leadership Development Workshop- High Achieving Juniors
The title of this intensive half-day program is “Connecting to Your Community”. Through various interactive tasks, students learn to brainstorm, analyze video content, share reactions, and practice effective communication. The overarching goal of the day is focusing on one’s potential, honing one’s skills, and finding volunteering opportunities for community service.

Annual Recognition and Awards- Outstanding GUSD Seniors and Outstanding LAUSD ESC North High School Students 9-12
Each year, CASPS celebrates high achieving GUSD seniors, and all 9-12 high achieving LAUSD North ESC students who have maintained GPAs of 3.5 or better. In both school districts, CASPS makes monetary gifts to seniors who hold the highest GPA of their graduating class. All honorees receive certificates of achievement from CASPS and commendations from California elected officials.
This annual celebration is a popular tradition in both school communities. It is well attended by families, educators, community leaders, school administrators and school board officials.

Clinical Group Counseling- K-6 Elementary Students
CASPS implemented its signature Intervention/Prevention Clinical Group Counseling Program in the year 2000. Since its inception, the program has been partially funded by a Community Block Grant, administered by the City of Glendale. Teachers refer students in need of social and academic support to the program, and once a week, mental health professionals engage them in age appropriate play/create/talk activities which help them improve behavior, and develop self-discipline, social skills, and academic responsibility. The main goal of the program is paving the way for a smooth transition to middle school, and the critical teen years. Throughout the years, the program’s average rate of success has been a solid 80-88%.

Effective Parenting Project- Workshops in Armenian, English and Spanish
The purpose of these workshops is to provide equal information to adult immigrants, regardless of ethnicity, to help solve school related behavioral issues, and to facilitate the process of adjusting to a new school environment for their children. Seven comprehensive training modules describe the American public school system, the rights and obligations of families, acceptable discipline methods, basic information about ages and stages of child development, intergenerational communication, the impact of television, and media literacy.

Staff Development Workshops- Armenian History and Culture
From time to time, CASPS is called to make presentations to public school educators about Armenian history and culture. Discussions include the systematic ethnic cleansing of the late 19th century culminating in the first genocide of the 20th century, and the formation of the many communities in the diaspora. CASPS helps answer questions about displacement, family structures, the role of the church, perceptions of male/female roles, intergenerational conflicts, and challenges of acculturation to new social and educational environments.

Workshops in Inter-Group Relations- Community and Educational Organizations
This activity is usually a follow-up to the workshop on History and Culture. It is highly interactive, and heavily premised on utilizing our common humanity for fostering cooperation, and building harmony among social groups.

“Yes, I Can” Tutoring Program- High School Students
The goal of this program is to assist high school students who are working below capacity and are at risk of academic failure. This “in home” program is provided free of charge to freshmen and sophomores; our tutors are university students who are carefully screened, selected, and remunerated with standard tutoring pay rates. CASPS tutors provide one-on-one assistance in Algebra, Chemistry, English, Geometry, History and more.

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