Friends of CASPS

I would like to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Roosevelt Middle School and CASPS for organizing Parent Presentation meetings, to Mrs. Medea Kolognomos for putting vast endeavors in keeping us updated and connected, to Dr. Hayk Jernazian for holding these educational, motivational, and fascinating meetings, not to mention, in a tremendously friendly and healthy atmosphere.

We, parents, tend to do the best for our children and to ensure safe and prosperous future for them as much as possible, but we might not be aware that there could be better methods and approaches, why not solutions, than those we use. I personally benefited a lot from above mentioned useful meetings. I am not afraid to say that Dr. Hayk Jernazian taught me to analyze different daily situations more effectively and to solve puzzles in interaction with my kids and new environment differently, less painful, as well as to stay the same best mother and live with less tension but mindful and peaceful, healthy and happy.

Sincerely yours,

Kristine Harutyunyan

Roosevelt “Bridge to High School” Program


I have had a wonderful experience with the CASPS program as a teacher in years past and now as a Teacher Specialist facilitating the program at our site. It is amazing to have an in-house counseling group where we can refer our students. Students benefit from a play therapy approach that helps them learn problem solving skills and social skills. The counselors work well students with many different needs and have built trust and respect within their small group sessions. The power of these small group sessions is evident as students transfer their new learned skills into the classroom or on to the playground.

Jill Firstman
Teacher Specialist
Columbus Elementary

I was honored to present to CASPS students at their Leadership Conference. The bright and promising teens I met asked the kinds of questions–and raised the kinds of issues–that demonstrated their goals, clarity of vision, ambition, and hopes for the future. These are tomorrow’s business owners, community activists, teachers, and professionals. My interaction with CASPS student leaders was energizing and truly inspiring.

Katherine Sarafian
Pixar Animation Studios

CASPS is a unique organization that has made a difference in the lives of over five thousands students in the span of almost two decade. We must recognize the remarkable effort of CASPS in providing a life changing experience for thousands of at risk students. The long standing record of CASPS in identifying, and assisting the gifted and talented students makes it one of the most effective organizations in Armenian American community of Los Angeles. Lets join arms, and stand tall with CASPS to continuously support our youth.

Maria Mehranian
Managing Partner
Cordoba Corporation

A famous quote, which hangs on the door to my office, says, “The greatest lesson can never be erased…to teach a child to believe in himself.”  This sentiment truly speaks to the core of the reason our staff loves the I.P. Intervention/Prevention Program here at our school.  Teachers, as early as kindergarten, can spot potential learning and emotional difficulties a child may have.  They also know when a child may be in crisis due to an emergency or sudden loss of a beloved family member.  Research is strong on the proven benefits of early intervention in counteracting potential problems when they may be more manageable rather than wait until a child is in high school, when the problems can become much more severe or entrenched.  We love the CASPS program and want it to continue!

Mary Mason
Keppel Elementary, GUSD

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