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California Community College Benefits

There seems to be a common myth about starting off at a community college. The myth is if you attend a community college after high school, you are not a good student, or you are not intelligent enough to directly … Continue reading

The Matriculation Process: Getting Started at a Community College

The 2013-2014 community college school year has begun and it is time for community college students to matriculate to the campus of their choice. Matriculation is defined as one who is admitted as a student to a college or university. … Continue reading

Which University is the Right Fit for you?

Most college students experience difficulty when it comes time to selecting the university that is suitable for them. They are uncertain about the differences between the California State University System (CSU), the University of California System (UC), and the Private … Continue reading

Alumni Honoree (2004) – David Arakelyan

My name is David Arakelyan, and I was the recipient of the CASPS scholarship for high school seniors in 2004. Having spent most of my life in Russia, I had been detached from the Armenian community and had very little … Continue reading

Alumni Honoree (2000) – Nare Garibyan

I was honored for my academic achievement by CASPS ten years ago. I still remember that day, June 8, 2000, when my mother, sister, and grandmother accompanied me to the 4th Annual CASPS reception. I was filled with joy because … Continue reading

Alumni Honoree (1997) – Evelyn Baghdasarian is now a practicing Pediatrician

My experience with CASPS started in my senior year of high school – As the Armenian student with the highest GPA in the Glendale Unified School District, I helped host the first banquet, along with 2 fellow graduates who received … Continue reading

Retired GUSD Teacher Specialist Annette Zarian has joined the board of CASPS

CASPS is happy to announce that retired GUSD teacher specialist Annette Zarian has joined its Executive Team. CASPS welcomes Annette and her many years of experience and expertise with educating our youth. We are excited and look forward to working … Continue reading

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory