Alumni Honoree (2004) – David Arakelyan

My name is David Arakelyan, and I was the recipient of the CASPS scholarship for high school seniors in 2004. Having spent most of my life in Russia, I had been detached from the Armenian community and had very little understanding of my heritage at the time. Through my involvement with CASPS in high school, I was able to reconnect with my Armenian roots and advance my knowledge about my culture.

I went on to graduate from UCLA in 2009 with degrees in Political Science, Middle Eastern and Armenian Studies. I currently work as an investment adviser in Glendale and still collaborate with CASPS on a number of different projects. I greatly value the useful work they do for Armenian students, and I hope to see more organizations like CASPS emerge in our community.

If you or someone you know was honored by CASPS, please help us connect with him/her. We would love to highlight each and every one of our honorees.

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