Alumni Honoree (2000) – Nare Garibyan

I was honored for my academic achievement by CASPS ten years ago. I still remember that day, June 8, 2000, when my mother, sister, and grandmother accompanied me to the 4th Annual CASPS reception. I was filled with joy because I could show my grandmother, Sirvard, how well I was doing in school. She did not have the same educational opportunities in her youth as I have had in my life. I was very appreciative of being recognized for my hard work. I enjoyed sharing the moment with my fellow classmates who were also honored for their academic achievements. CASPS’s efforts to encourage students’ success reaffirmed my conviction that a support base, which is provided by parents, friends, school, and community, is critical in the lives of students as they forge a path to accomplish their goals. It is great that the Glendale community comes together each year to encourage their students to reach for the stars. The recognition that CASPS bestows on students like me means more than just a compliment of good work. It gives students self confidence and the will power to remain engaged in their academic endeavors and enthusiastic about their chosen careers and lifestyles.

If you or someone you know was honored by CASPS, please help us connect with him/her. We would love to highlight each and every one of our honorees.

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