2010 Annual Fundraiser

On Sunday May 16th, CASPS held its annual fundraising event. More than one hundred friends of CASPS enjoyed the gathering at Mrs. Sophie Zargarian’s beautiful home nestled in the hills of Glendale. Executive Director Arsineh Hovannisian’s welcome address was followed by remarks made by CASPS founding members Rouben Gourgian and Medea Kalognomos. Together, they offered kudos and gifts to Mrs. Zargarian , Tom Bozigian, and Larissa Mousheghian for their generosity and In-kind professional services.

Board member Laura Atoian made a Power Point presentation describing CASPS history, mission, vision, programs and activities. She also gave a full account of the organization’s annual budget, sources of funding, personnel and management structure. She offered examples emphasizing the fact that running a 501 C3 non-profit organization requires attention to similar issues facing any business enterprise.

The sumptuous buffet, including all beverages and desserts were donated by the CASPS team. Comedienne Lory Tatoulian provided roaring laughter with her “Dandeegeen” skit, and topped it off with her signature “That’s Amote”, a hilarious parody of Dean Martin’s classic “That’s Amore”. She was followed by renowned dance teacher Tom Bozigian, who taught several Armenian folk dances, extending fun and enjoyment well into the evening. Everyone appreciated the friendly family ambiance of the event, and commented positively on the importance of supporting our students in public schools.

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